Videos and photos have been spreading all over the internet of what the next iPhone will be. Ever since the first generation iPhone came out, people have been making assumptions or guesses or even claims that the next iPhone would be better, more powerful, and with a bunch of powerful features way better than the competitors (ie. Android phones).

The truth of the matter is, and I am sure everyone will agree to it, Apple is not after the best of the best. They are more after stability. Why get the highest megapixel early on in the ballgame when the actual technology hasn’t been mastered yet?

Apple is all about stability and perfection. They will not include any tech unless they are 100% it will work.

Time and time again, people have been ranting about Apple’s lack of features but when it comes to reliability, they would easily and readily get an iPhone or iPod for anything like video recording or picture taking.

So with that in mind, don’t expect the “new iPhone” or the “iPhone 5” or the “iPhone 4Sx” (I’m sure the’ll follow suit after the new iPad came out so it’s gonna be “new iPhone”) to have a chuck full of new and outrageous features. First of, I expect the screen to stay the same. iOS is not like Android where the OS is very flexible and will adjust to any resolution there is. You cannot just get any random OS and install it on an iDevice like the Android. Even getting new versions of the iOS will require you putting in specifics of which iDevice you have and which generation it is from. With a fixed resolution, you can already eliminate the possibility of a system crash due to display incompatibility. They will not implement 4G/LTE right away because the technology has not been stabilized yet. Until Apple can determine which is more stable, they will surely stick with 3G or 3.5G and for me, I guess it’s fine because 3G or 3.5G works just fine. It even becomes useless when Wi-Fi is involved.

The camera will stay at 8MP since that is good enough. With the new optics, it will be easy for it to stay at the 8MP range without needing to get higher megapixels.

Form factor may change but not significantly. All previous iPhones have very little difference in thickness because all of the technologies behind it have already been perfected. They’ve already introduced the MicroSIM and unless the NanoSIM has been standardized, I don’t think Apple will use that, thus not making the next iPhone significantly slimmer. They also can’t make it significantly slimmer because then, they will have to sacrifice battery size.

I’m telling you, the new iPhone will not be the most advanced phone in the market but I can assure you that it will be the most stable phone out there and no one will ever complain about it.

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