Just like the Americans are divided into Republicans and Democrats, for the longest time the whole world has been divided into two email service providers; Google and Yahoo. The latter being a veteran in the business and Google being predominantly better in EVERYTHING! (insert biased tone here!)

Having both accounts myself — ebzster@yahoo.com/@gmail.com — I was able to use both accounts long enough to make my decision on which account will be my daily driver; and I decided to switch to Gmail as my primary email and Yahoo as backup (notice I didn’t mention YM because, let’s face it, WHO USES YM NOWADAYS??) which I NEVER used for the past 7 years now.

The reason why Google became famous was its then famous 2GB capacity when Yahoo had 15MB back in the day. I remember spending most of my working time looking for some bloke who would send me an invite to try Gmail because Gmail invites were hard to come by (some users even went far to sell their invites on eBay for $1,000 per invite and actually made profit outta it) but I got mine for free. Sweeeeeet!

I was happy with my Gmail and eventually gotten used to its interface and chat-like email feature that I would catch myself getting lost when I used my older emails like Hotmail and Yahoo.

Then Goggle started buying different websites and started integrating it to its univere (like Picasa and YouTube) and developed its own services (like Docs and Calendar) into a unified account known as Google Accounts. No need for multiple account registrations, just use your Google Account, and you’re all set.

Mind you, when all of this started coming out, I was still using my Yahoo email and several other people were still into YM and Flickr and so on and so forth.

Then I noticed people are starting to send me links from their Yahoo account. Being the geek that I am, I don;t just click on links without doing the following things:

1. I check the other recipients in the thread
2. I check if the email had a message other than just the link.

More often than not, those emails would have suspicious email addresses in the field making it obvious that it was doing a hit-or-miss deal and my email address got hit.

It was a phishing bot (Google it). The only fault here was that my friend clicked on the link. I didn’t.

I noticed that most, if not all, of those instances came from Yahoo accounts and none from Google accounts. Which got me thinking that if Yahoo accounts were easily hackable.

Do a search and you would get a long list of tricks on how it is done EASILY. A few moments ago, another friend reported in Facebook that their Yahoo account got hacked again and this blog post will encourage you to start migrating to Gmail.

So far, I will only post PROs on why you should migrate to Gmail (at this point, I don’t have issues on why I shouldn’t stay with Google):

Versatility – Google has their email setup for you to set it up on ANY device in the market with an email client. Name one client Google cannot set up into and I will tell you there is a way around it if Google does not already have it. It can even be setup into an iDevice (contacts, email, calendars, the works!). With iCloud, you can only set that up in an iDevice or Mac but not on an Android or WP&/8. Your Google account can be setup in all of them.

I use a MacBookPro and my contacts and calendars have my information logged in and whever I update it, the rest of my devices get updated as well.

Security – Google has just implemented a 2-step verification process where you will have to input a 4-digit key (sent to your mobile phone) for you to put into your account so that you can closely monitor EVERY app and device your Google account is set up into. (kinda cumbersome but worth it)

Yahoo may have that, but going back, it can still be easily hacked.

Gmail has a way of masking your email to make it appear you sent an email from somewhere else.

I have set all of my email to forward to my one Gmail account and my Gmail account is setup that when I send an email, I can actually make it look like I sent it from somewhere else. Basically, a one-stop shop for my information.

So I can send an email from my Yahoo account without needing to log into my Yahoo page; I can do it straight from my Gmail account.

Still having doubts and fearing your contacts might not be updated? Do this first. Get a Google account, set your Yahoo account to forward all your future messages to your Gmail account. In your Gmail settings, authorize your Yahoo account to send email from your Gmail account in the Yahoo account’s behalf and simply get used to logging into your Gmail account. You can still send and receive mail in your Yahoo account but have the security of Gmail.

Set your contacts and documents in Google as well. The moment you decide to get an iPhone, WM&, or Android, just by putting in your Google account, all information gets transferred to your mobile device. It’s good so that you will not worry about losing your information when your device crashes or gets stolen.

It took me 3 hours to transfer my mom’s contacts from her phone to her Google account and now, it is easy for her to just update her contacts from anywhere when for some reason she does not have her phone with her and she can be sure her iPhone gets updated as well.

You would ask why can’t my mom just use an iCloud account since she is usingan iDevice? iCloud crashes alot and setting up a Google account is faster yet more secure.

Make the switch. Google account is the way to go.

My email address now, by the way, is iam@EboyBautista.com BUT this is powered by Google. 🙂

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  1. like your blogs! very helpful and informative! i am definitely making the switch to gmail. maybe you can also blog about how to create a website. i really need one for our boutique hotel, maybe you can help me

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