Howdy, I’ve been blogging for quite a while now but have not really gotten to doing some serious blogging. I’ve had different sites here and there but nothing serious.

Now, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging bit. Starting to get a bit organized and really getting into it. I’ve started with my ups and downs of losing weight but what I really, really, REALLY want to blog about it technology. I wanna do tech reviews and how to’s. I really want to do Tech Reviews via YouTube but I don’t have the necessary equipment to make quality videos just yet. Soon, maybe, but not now. So I’m stuck at doing blogs.

My first Tech How To is to remove all those annoying notifications from Facebook. There is a long method done in the account settings or privacy settings but who has the patience (and let us be real here, who has the common sense, too?) to go through all of that. Maybe geeks like me but for the rest of you, here’s a quick way to get out of your notifications.

The notifications get extra annoying when people you don’t know start commenting after you commented on a friend’s post but never really needed a counter comment. You simply don’t want to hear from that post again.

On the notification area, click on the globe icon.

On the drop down, you should see all the notifications, right? When you do a mouse hover towards the upper right corner of an entry, a faint X box appears with the help text “Unfollow” hovering about that.

Simply click on that to give you the options for that particular post.

I’ve been doing this method for a while and I can say that my timeline and notification bar has been peaceful


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