Do you have more than 1 email address but access them all? Others simply ditch all of them and just stick to one. But how about the ones where your personal accounts belong to? Too many to backtrack? You can have them go to one email and just email from that one email as if you are replying from the other email.

I may not be the expert in all the other Email Service Providers (ESP) out there but it is safe for me to say that I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to using Gmail. I’ve been stuck with using Google’s email service ever since I received my first Gmail account ( – it’s still active, I use it often but that is not my daily driver anymore.) Now, I use Google Apps to host my Google Account under my official domain, and using Google Apps has made me an expert in using Google’s services.

I have, I guess more than 5 email addresses that I use frequently and having them go to a single email address which allows me to reply to in their behalf makes my life much simpler. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, with this process, it should allow you to check your office email and reply in your office email’s behalf straight from home. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Designate you primary email address (I am hoping you’d choose a Gmail account because these steps will only work using a Gmail account. If you can migrate these steps into any other email address, then go with that. These will be steps in using a Gmail account.)
Step 2: Access your other email addresses and assuming they all have a forward mail feature, set them all up to forward all received emails to your primary email. I will not need to show how to set up a forwarding address because it should be pretty simple. I will, however, blog about it if you are having a hard time setting that part up next week.
Step 3: Go to your Gmail’s email settings: Click on the Gear.

Step 4: Click on Settings.

Step 5: Go to the Accounts tab.

Step 6: Inside that tab, look for Add Another Email Address You Own.

Which in turn, should give you a pop up window like this,

Step 7: Fill in the necessary information then click on the Next Step button. That should then lead you to.

Keep the settings as is (unless you are familiar with these settings and would want to change it. Click on Next Step.

When you click on the Send Verification button, you should receive an email that will give you the needed verification code. The verification code shall be placed into the box below. You will then click on Verify after.

Step 8: If you are wondering where the verification number will come from, check your email. The one where you entered in Step 6. You should receive a notification from your primary email stating that you received a confirmation number.

Simply copy the confirmation number and place it in the box shown in step 7.

Then the next time you compose an email, it should give you a drop down where you can choose which email you’ll be sending it from.

So, in theory, if you can properly forward all of your work email to your Gmail account and set-up an additonal account, then you should be able to send and receive work email from your Gmail.


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