I’m on a roll. Hope this does not give me sleepless nights.

Getting annoyed with people tagging you into a conversation just to let you like a page or you are not even directly involved with? I sure have had my share of weird conversations then everybody just replies and replies and replies and it just annoys the crap outta youhave to check the notification only to find out it is a conversation that you just don’t have any interest anymore.

Well, you can get out of that with just 3 simple clicks.

On the notification bar, click on the messaging icon or go to the messages panel.

Click on the message that you want to get out of. (I don’t think you need a screenshot for that.)

Inside the conversation, on the upper right corner of the message body, you should see the Actions button.

Click on that and you will find…

Voila! After confirming that you want to leave the conversation, they will not bother you again. Well, for that conversation, that is.

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