Another How To blog in using Facebook.

Remember a few months back when you would receive 35 posts from the same friend about the same link? That’s a bot that would post a certain link 35 times (yes, I counted!) to all of our contacts (if you were the one who clicked on the link.) More often than not, this link is sex related then you will have to post again explaining to everyone that you just got hacked when we all know you got “curious” and wanted to see Selena Gomez naked.

Well, this tutorial will not protect you from clicking those links (though I will be posting a How To avoid them and tell the legit post from the bot ones), rather I will teach you to monitor the posts where you are tagged in which will give you an option to have it appear on your wall or not.

That option is known as Tag Review.

You will click on the inverted triangle next to HOME that can be found on the upper right corner of your profile.

Click on that and look for Privacy Settings.

You will be brought to screen just like this and you will select the option under…

Click on the arrow next to Off (most of you will have it on Off).

You will look for this option and click on the button labelled “Disabled” and you will change it to, you guessed it, “Enabled”.

After which, you will simply click on the back button and from then on, your notification bar will tell you that someone posted /tagged you and will only appear on your timeline when your approve it.

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