The picture below is the closest and the most legit possibility of what the next iPhone would look like.

Whatever it is, it sure won’t be anything better than this.

Apple has been so good at making devices. Most of us who have common sense embrace the fact that Apple is way behind when it comes to features and specs. With good reason, too.

A lot of the Apple fanboys and fangirls complain so much of some of the features the competitors have that Apple has not implemented. I don’t have enough proof for this but my reasoning is based on Apple’s history of past iDevices. This blog will somehow explain why Apple didn’t do this or didn’t do that to give the rest of us an idea.

It’s sad though that with the same things I will be posting here, that there is a slim chance that Apple will pull the impossible with a totally redesigned phone from the ground up. Not now, though. Maybe in the next few updates until, possibly, the technology is already common.

MMS – When the first iPhone came out, people immediately complained that the messaging app didn’t have MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). It’s not that Apple didn’t want to include it, I THINK it was AT&T’s end that asked Apple not to include it. Afterall, AT&T was the only carrier that offered the iPhone back then.

When I was doing technical support for Palm, we offered our Treo line with the AT&T branding. Even back then, The AT&T Treo phones didn’t have MMS either. It was because AT&T was encouraging it’s customers to use E-mail instead of MMS. It was a carrier-specific feature that AT&T decided not to have.

Fast-forwarding to the iPhone, I figured that was the same reason why the first generation iPhone didn’t have it.

Camera – All other phone manufacturers have offered and given 8 megapixel camera for a long time now. Why is Apple finally offering it on their iPhone 4S? The answer is simple, stability. Apple just does not want to jump into the bandwagon just because everyone does it. What is the advantage of waiting until the technology has been perfected? Take a look at your Samsung/HTC/Nokia phone and your iPod Touch, on those capture-every-moment scenarios, whihc was more reliable for you, your 5-6-8 MP phone, or your2-5 MP iPod? I would say most of you find your iPod more reliable.

Now, alot of speculations have been going around saying that the next iPhone would have a much bigger screen, LTE, NFC, and support the new Nano-SIM. Lemme comment on these three key features:

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Bigger Screen – There is a chance that Apple might offer a bigger screen, but don’t expect too much. I’m thinking that the phone’s resolution will be in tact and not change. Why? Apple’s OS is not as flexible as Android’s. You would either have the resolution of the iPad or the resolution of the iPod Touch and iPhone. I’m thinking the bigger screen would be of the same proportion not to outbalance iOS’ real estate requirements.

LTE – Is the next generation of mobile internet. LTE means Long Term Evolution. There is a slight chance this will push through. LTE has been around for a while and it would be such a shame for Apple not to have this implemented. After all, they faked the 4G/LTE on the iPad for AT&T, right?

NFC – NFC, or Near Field Communication is a feature which is similar to the Bump application. The difference is that Bump uses Bluetooth. This is common in the new credit card machines where you will simply tap your phone on the device and it will automatically charge it on your credit card. Google wallet already has this feature provided that your phone has NFC included (where in most likelihood, it does). Now, this is a feature I seriously doubt Apple will want to jump into. Unless they read this post and, just out of spite, decide to add it. NFC is relatively new and it being an unstable feature, Apple will not waste it’s resources to include it. It would be such a big surprise to all of us if they decide to add this feature.

Nano-SIM – Apple, again, has the habit of joining in on a feature too late or start a new feature. When the iPad and iPhone 4 came out, they introduced the Micro-SIM where a standard SIM card will be cut to almost where the metal chip is what is left. Now, the predicted next iDevice will most likely have the Nano-SIM which is much smaller than the Micro-SIM. I won’t be surprised when Apple includes this.

My predictions of the next iPhone’s features will be:

1. Bigger screen but same resolution as the current iPhone.
2. LTE support

That’s it.

But I sure hope Apple pulls a rabbit out of its big hat because I am seeing a lot of disappointed Apple fanboys jumping ship when the next iPhone comes out. Like seriously jumping ship. Windows Mobile is starting to gain some traction and I wouldn’t be surprised when we are starting to hear more of it now. Aaaaaand there is Android, of course. Aaaaaaand again, for the die hard fans of BBM, there is also Blackberry but who cares about Blackberry, like seriously?

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