I joined Twitter in 2007 (under @ebzster) but did not get much into it until 2011 after joining Biggest Loser. That time, my family made a new twitter account under what I am using now (@IamEboyBautista) from then up to now, I think I can say Twitter has become a good means of communicating to everyone. This is where I met new people and has actually become a more reliable way to contact some of my friends.

Now, with the rise of Twitter’s popularity in the Philippines, a lot of companies turn to Twitter to gain popularity as well. If not using the honest method, they g go through means by allowing people to click links that will make them “post” the same link to their contacts and so on, and so forth and that is where we hear people say, “I’ve been hacked.”

For now, there is no sure fire way to prevent your account from being hacked. Everyday, new methods arise on how to hack someone’s account. There is a new one going around where the links are worded in such a way to mimic familiar links like instagr.am and twitpic. Another post should be up with a How To on this.

One way to prevent yourself from clicking on a link is by checking the source or the sender. One, if the sender sends you just a link, immediately doubt the sender.

For public figures such as myself, it is not uncommon for us to receive messages from people we are not that close with. We get that a lot. That’s why we need to be extra careful.

Now that you’ve received a message like this, just click on the image of the sender, and his/her/its profile should pop up.

Notice anything peculiar? It is not following anybody and vice versa. Now, hoe can someone follow you if it does not know you exist? Also, take note of the number of tweets it has sent. Look at who it has sent the tweets to. All of them have the similar tweet. It is then safe to assume that it is a bot – . Simple computer program used to perform highly repetitive operations, e.g. trawling websites to collect email addresses. (c/o www.urbandictionary.com)

If this were a legit tweet, the sender should at least have something to say first.

That’s one of the countless ways to protect yourself from bots and prevent getting “hacked”. I have a whole list of ways to determine if a post is legit or not but it will take so much time to put them all in one hit. Let’s do this one at a time.


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