It is not very often you come and appreciate everything that comes in a browser. Me being the Google fanboy, of course, my browser of choice would be the Google chrome. But don’t think just because Google chrome is a Google branded app does not mean I jumped into it the moment it was announced.

Back when it was initially announced, I didn’t feel much for the minimalistic interface of the chrome. I was, then, using the Maxthon browser. Nope, not Firefox or Opera or even IE — though, I made sure my Windows PC had the latest version of IE even if I only used it once or twice a year. I liked Maxthon for the reason that it was the first browser then that offered keyboard shortcuts.

As you all know, the universal keyboard shortcut for “www…com” was CTRL+ENTER ( uses the same button, too) and on any browser address bar, simply type the dot com company you wanted to go to, hit CTRL+ENTER and the rest auto-populates. But Maxthon had additional keyboard shortcut keys that the rest didn’t have before (I don’t know about now, though). These keyboard shortcuts would launch pre-loaded IMPORTANT sites (like, or, hehe) and it made the whole internet experience much quicker for me.

But when I upgraded my Windows PC to Vista then eventually to Windows 7, that browser started acting funny, crashing every once in a while until it even stopped launching altogether.

I honestly do not know what happened for me to finally decide to use chrome but now, I can’t imagine a better browsing experience without it.

So, I’ve been using the chrome browser for many years now. Each update they release gets better and better. A few months back, they introduced the chrome web store which is a repository of extension plug-ins and apps designed for the chrome. At its early developments, all it offered were games that crashed alot. Maybe the slow internet connection we have in the Philippines contributed to it but I never really cared much for it.

It was until last week when I started browsing through the web store and found and tried out a few nifty apps that would be installed into chrome.

First of, on your browser’s address bar, go to You will be greeted by a page like this.


From the get-go, you should be able to browse and install on your chrome browser the thousands and thousands of chrome apps but not all of those apps are apps themselves, most of them are just links to some websites so choose wisely.

Once you have chosen and installed some apps, you should see them either install as a browser extension (found on the upper right corner of the browser next to the address bar) or as a stand-alone app.

A few still would just be hidden under the chrome’s hood.

One particular extension that I would like to point out that I discovered just by browsing through the chrome web store is the Hover Zoom app. Simply put, whatever you are browsing, if it has an image thumbnailed, once you hover your mouse over the image, the full/actual size pops up beside the cursor.

The image above does not do justice much on the app but try using it with smaller thumbnails. It saves a lot of time by not needing to click on it and go back after.

The chrome web store has a chock full of good apps, simple go through it and comment below some of the cool things you have discovered.

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