I have no better way to explain it but cloud storage has been out for a while. Waaaaay before Apple decided to make it look like their idea.

If you have a Google account, you may not know this, but your Google account has many features built into it other than just email, documents, and YouTube.

If you are using your Gmail to store all of your email contacts, I suggest you also consider saving their phone numbers as well.

Before, I would have my contacts’ phone numbers in my phone (back then, it was a Palm Treo) then have the same named contacts’ emails in my Gmail account.

Long before I acquired my Google/HTC Nexus One almost 3 years ago, I did some research and found our that there is no way to locally sync (meaning from PC/Mac to phone) my contacts to an Android phone. With Palm, the desktop sync software should be able to do it for you. Just save the file in your hard drive and you should be able to migrate that data to another or a newer Palm device.

In the iPhone, with the same file, there is a process where you can migrate them to your iTunes and sync the same data to your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, or iPad).

But with Android, there is no way around it.

So I was forced to import my contacts to my Gmail account and boy was it worth it. Lemme tell you later.

When I received my Android phone, I simply punched in my Gmail account details and in a few seconds, I had my contacts synced to my phone and when you edit/add information to the phone or Gmail,

But that “power” does not end there. You can also sync your data to your Mac and iDevice.

Click here to sync your Google account data to your Mac

Click here to sync your Google account data to your iDevice,

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