If you are like me, I don’t like having what most of you all have. Yeah, yeah, I admit. It’s a pride thing.

I never was really the type who would jump into a band wagon unless I have no other choice.

A few years back when I loved editing audio, I used an app called Cool Edit Pro. There were a host of other apps out there but I wanted to be different so I forced myself to learn how to use it and eventually got so good at it.

(Image courtesy of http://soundrolaymusic.blogspot.com)

Look familiar? There’s a story. It was going well for a time until the big bad Adobe Corporation acquired it and renamed it to Adobe Audition.

Now, going to my actual story. When Apple introduced the iPhone back in 2007, sure a lot of people wanted to get the next Apple product the moment it shipped out. I was being a douche. I wanted nothing of it. When my Palm Treo 680 was about to conk out, I was in the market for my next smartphone. I was looking at the Palm Pre that was due on 2009 only for the reason that I didn’t want to get an iPhone.

But since Palm, in its normal delay fashion, was not releasing the Pre just yet, I decided to try a different phone; I did my fair research to find the next iPhone killer and this big company Google had just acquired this two bit mOS (Mobile OS) called Android. And the rest is history.

Enough about that back story. My point being is that Apple needs Android and vice versa.

With people like me who don’t like to get an iPhone and other people who do not like the Android OS so much, we need each other for the other to survive. Without the competition, both would just become confident with what they have and not try to advance themselves with features both in the software and hardware realm. If there was nothing to stand up and challenge Apple, there would be no way for Apple to try and increase its screen size.


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