Do you ever get that feeling that even if you’ve set your privacy settings to just FRIENDS, there are people who still respond or comment to your most private pictures? I discovered one way that COULD help lessen those unwanted posts. This is not the by all end all of steps but this should help.

Ever since Timeline came to everyone’s life, we also received a new type of option in our life; SUBSCRIBERS. Those are the people who “follow” you without needing to be your friend. Something like a Twitter follower.

You wil then need to disable the subscriber feature so that only your friends can see you.

Go to the reverse triangle just to the right of the word HOME next to your name. Go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

On the left panel, look for SUBSCRIBERS and click on it. Then to the right, you should see. A ticked check box labelled ALLOW SUBSCRIBERS.

Once you have unchecked that, I would say that your privacy level has moved up a few notches above everyone else.

NOTE: The steps I have given are for those who are in the Timeline state. If you are not into Timeline, these steps may or may not apply.

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