2011 was the year a lot of you have gotten to know me. All thanks to a life-changing reality show called, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. I, along with 15 other individuals, were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their lives jump started for the better by means of healthy education.

2012 was an amazing year. I discovered a lot of things. Things about my body and how it reacted to different foods. I’ve tried countless diets and have discovered that the Paleo diet is the one that suits me best. I have nothing against the other diets; it’s just that this one suits my lifestyle perfectly with very satisfying results.

2012 was also the year that I was introduced to the wonderful world of CrossFit thanks to CFMNL and I have stuck with them to this day. I discovered a lot of things my body can do that I never thought it could. Aside from the amazing workout I get from CFMNL, I also get an amazing support group with CFMNL‘s community and the CrossFit community in general. Nothing encourages you more than a community who understands you fully.

Fast forward to June of 2013. I think I’ve reached a point where I should restart my life. The past year has been amazing but all I did was maintain and not lose more than I should so as of June, I started an online campaign in the three major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) called #RoadToSub300. A challenge to lose 70 or more pounds by the end of November of this year and I am pulling all the stops; asking help from different groups may it be in the form of food or in the form of a type of workout. Any form of help I can get, I will accept it.

If you know of a business that you think would be willing to help me and my cause, shoot me an email, Facebook message, Instagram or Twitter post, I will gladly consider.

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