As June slowly starts to fleet away, I realize that I need to start moving. No amount of arthritis (sadly, yes) could and should stop me. After all, I have a deadline. So today, with a foot slightly aching, I brought myself to Bikram Yoga Alabang. Got there 45 minutes early for the 8:30AM class, (excited much?) and was able to get to talk to Frank – a yoga instructor – and Paolo – one yoga addict who went in for the same reason as mine; to lose weight.

Moments before the class started, several other regulars started walking in, giving me the usual “oh, we have a newbie” kinda look and I simply told myself, “If I can survive a regular WOD, I can survive 90 minutes of this.” Let me tell you now that I can never be so wrong.

20130625_102049When the class started, the instructor, Betty, was very patient with me. Mind you, it has been over a year since I’ve had my last session so I was all kinds of dizzy. I phased out a couple of times, almost totally blacked out in a few, I even had to walk out and take a breather for at least 10 minutes before I was asked to go back in. It was as if I was trying yoga for the first time and, to be honest, I have never felt so relieved that the session ended BUT it felt really, really good. And the sweat was at the point where the shirt could not absorb any of the sweat anymore. It was that intense.

After class, most, if not all, of the students congratulated me on my first day. It finally felt good speaking to some of them telling me that what I experienced is perfectly normal and that I will eventually get the hang of it because they were in the same boat when they started.

Overall, the experience was amazing. The only regret I have is the 10 minutes I missed. Babawi ako, pramis.

For more information about Bikram Yoga Alabang, kindly click here and schedule a session NOW.

#RoadToSub300 baby…

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