The Paleo diet strongly discourages the consumption of all grains. That includes: bread, pasta, wheat, and even RICE. Omitting this is not easy for me. For one thing, rice is part of the Filipinos DNA. We were born surrounded by hectares upon hectares of rice and its byproduct (wheat). Majority of local businesses are connected with rice.

Now, how does someone like me, who grew up – literally and physically – eating rice suddenly stop just that? And avoid anything your diet “prohibits” you from eating for that matter?

Simple, just change the way you look at the ones you are avoiding.

My take? I look at rice as something we do not appreciate; food extenders.

Food extenders are those pieces of food that get added to the mix just to volumize the dish? More often than not, these extenders don’t have any taste and don’t taste really good when eaten alone. Now, take that to rice. Can you eat rice on its own? Does it taste good alone? Then it’s an extender. Problem solved.

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  1. I know the feeling. Back in 2008/2009 my father did the South Beach Diet, which really worked for him, and it strictly prohibits the consumption of rice. Since I was in charge of cooking for the family I had to not cook rice and serve south beach approved meals. Here was the bigger challenge, while my father was in a south beach diet regime, my mother was vegan…….
    So this was probably he first and the beginning of my learning how to cook different diet food. Lol!!

    I don’t like rice. But I love fried rice.
    I only like rice with Kare Kare (vegetarian version).
    And other dishes that require rice like sushi, curry, etc…

    If I were to choose one type of carb it would be bread though.

    Eh my comment became longer that I expected.

    Keep up the good work Kuya Eboy!

    Stay Strong,
    Lara Novales
    Thinspirational Journey

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