A friend and I were talking about fitness today, She was glad and also wondered why I continued to be active even long after the Biggest Loser was over. Aside from doing WODs, I decided to do Yoga with Bikram Yoga Manila and some boxing and Muai Thai at FTX. She wondered why I bothered doing it.


Simply put, I do it because I can. Back when I was 481 pounds, I could not do any of those and I was fine with that. I didn’t want to get all down, sweaty and dirty. Now, I can run, jump, do burpees. flip myself, fold, twist, jab, straight, and upper cut and it’s all thanks to fitness.

I think because you are able to do it is a much, much better reason to get into a physical activity that just needing it. I do it because I can and not just because I want to do it.

Soon, I will post what a typical day of fitness would be for me. Today was WOD day.

1 thought on “Why I Workout | Health and Fitness

  1. I like it!

    “Why do you workout?”
    “Because I can!”

    I’m so so proud of you really! Wen I first saw you enter BL I was jumping for joy! Then I started to watch you shed pound after pound after pound during the weeks and I’d your best even during the hard times, I have to admit it was a big inspiration to me. You were actually one of the reasons I really started taking weightloss seriously and not just play around with the notion of health and fitness. ^_^

    Ps. Burpees are evil!! They murder fat… 🙂

    Stay Strong,
    Lara Novales
    Thinspirational Journey

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