Today, I celebrate my #RoadToSub300 by declaring this weekend as my rest dayS. Plural because come July, Sunday will be my only rest day. Pretty stoked on what my July will be. With the #RoadToSub300 partners helping me full time, I’m really expecting to see big results by the time August comes in.

2 weeks ago, I met with Bikram Yoga Alabang and FTX – Fitness Exchange to start a partnership to help me get going. This week was the start of that.

Tuesday and Wednesday, all I did was sweating it out on the mat by doing 90 minutes of bikram yoga. Similar to regular yoga only in a heated room. This ups the intensity of the experience because it deals with the mind as well trying your best not to be controlled by the heat and wanting to quit.

Thursday, I decided to go back to CrossFit even with a sore foot – I decided that pain should not stop you and moving alot should make the pain disappear. I’ve discovered that the detox I got from yoga also helped me in relieving me of my arthritis and gout that’s why it encouraged me to try what I did on Friday.

Friday, I did yoga at 8:30AM at Bikram Yoga Alabang, CrossFit at 12:00nn, and some boxing at 5:50PM at FTX – Fitness Exchange. When I got home, I simply slumped on my bed and dozed off. I woke up today feeling a tad sore but I have already discovered what my physical limitations are. Let’s just see if I can sustain this for the whole month of July.

This will be my initial battle plan for July:
Yoga 4 times a week (thanks to this 4×4 challenge I said yes to)
CrossFit 5 times a week (to regain the strength and stamina and flexibility I lost during the summer)
Boxing/Muai Thai 2 times a week (I wanna see how this goes for a while before I decide to add more days for this)

If this goes well, then hitting below 300 pounds my come earlier.

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