As of this writing, this will be my the 34th day of my #RoadToSub300 campaign and my 14th day being active again — I started the campaign 34 days ago but started working out 19 days ago. Today, people are saying that I have slimmed a bit but I do not feel it. First of, my pants feel the same though my shirts feel lose, labo no?

The second week was similar to how my first week was. I am very particular with my schedule and I make sure I keep up with it. I also discovered the advantages of having regular yoga sessions, especially bikram yoga. The added heat (up to 40°C) is good for your joints, aches, and pains. I noticed that after a very tiring CrossFit session, achesI wake up the following day with sore and stiff muscles and joints. But I’m not worried because after 90 minutes of yoga, around 80% or even all of the pain is gone or bearable enough for me to do my WODs after yoga. So now, I am sure that as long as I keep my fitness regimen like this, then I should be good.

Another thing that caught my attention for this week is that I am not losing weight visually as I anticipated but the good thing about it is that I know what needs to be adjusted. I sweat out 6 times a week, 2 of which are a combination of yoga AND CrossFit and would consume at least 2 liters of water PER workout so it’s definitely not in that department.

Looking at what I do daily, I realize that I need to improve on 2 things: I should sleep at least 8 hours and be strict with my intake. The sleepng part is easy, I just need to be strict about it. The thing with me is that if I am successful the whole week and have 2-3 cheat meals total for the entire week, I treat it as if I’ve cheated the entire week which shouldn’t be the case. You are really entitled to 3 cheat meals a week. This is different from having a cheat day; Instead of having 3 cheat meals in an entire day, simply spread it out all throughout the entire week. That way, you don’t quickly gain back what you have worked hard in burning for. Also, I will note down everything that I have eaten. I am doing the Paleo diet but fail to do proper portioning. I read that the advantage of Paleo is that you do not need to be very particular with the amount of what you eat as long as it is Paleo. But the disadvantage to that is that once you have a cheat meal, the amount you cheat is still a lot and I cannot have that. Starting tomorrow, I will carefully document and take pictures of what I had and even post the pictures and explain why I think what I ate was right. You, in turn, can simply look and post comments on what corrections I should make.

So for next week’s blog, you will see pictures of the food I eat. Probably by the end of September, I will start posting pictures of myself and see if there is some improvement. I am praying hard — please pray with me — that this campaign works. This is why I am documenting this. To show you that losing weight is not easy and that we make mistakes and fail too.

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