This post will still include what my regimen was for the week but this will also focus on what I ate. I wanted to be really honest with what I ate so if there are things that are contrary to what I am preaching, I shouldn’t feel bad because I decided to eat it and it shouldn’t affect me too long.

So this week is still – and hopefully will continue to be – a six days a week thing. So I kept it. I did 4 days of Yoga at Bikram Yoga Alabang (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday) and 3 days of CrossFit (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) so at least my regimen is intact. What made this week extra special is that I started watching what I ate.

Warning: This post will have food that may be against your diet and even against Paleo. I decided to post this here to show all of you that even I allow cheat meals every now and then. As long as you have a healthy workout regimen laid out, then the meals should be alright.


July 15, Monday
6:38AM: yakult (2 bottles) and 1 apple
11:10AM: small cup of KFC coleslaw and 1 breast (w/o skin) and 1/2 wing and 2 liters of water
12:30PM: 2 liters of fresh buko juice
2:56PM: army navy’s double burger (no dressing/no salt/no bread), 3 guacamoles, 2 fried eggs, lettuce, jalapeño, and onions
4:30PM: lamb curry ang 1 roti, some laksa. (no salt/no MSG)
6:17PM: 1 apple
10:00PM: 1 apple

Analysis: That day was majorly Paleo since I didn’t have any rice or bread to go with it. Aside for the mayonnaise in the coleslaw and the bottles of yakult (for acid), it was good.

July 16, Tuesday
11:58AM: 1/2 andok’s lechon manok and 2/3 kilo of lettuce
12:19PM: 3 whole coconuts (water and meat)
3:03PM: New Orleans’ 1 tuna sandwich and 3 fork fulls of carbonara
5:27PM: 1 apple, 2 bottles of yakult, 1 chicken adobo thigh
5:49PM: 1 banana
6:35PM: 4 eggs, chili flakes, pepper, tabasco with adobo flakes omelette
9:00PM: 1 apple

Analysis: Except for the 3:03PM meal and, again, the yakult, I stayed strong.

July 17, Wednesday
9:47AM: 1/4 daing na bangus
1:42PM: 2 jolly hotdogs (no cheese/no bread)
2:27PM: 1/2 baliwag lechon manok (no skin), a pack of dole lettuce, 1 apple, 2 bottles of yakult
5:43PM: 3 bottles of yakult, 1 apple, 1/2 baliwag lechon manok
9:10PM: 5 pieces of Stick-O.
10:18PM: 5 pieces of Stick-O.

Analysis: Stick-O is a bad addiction.

July 18, Thursday
6:37AM: 2 liter buko, 1 piece tocino
12:40PM: 1 burger pattie
1:19PM: 1 bully boy burger (no salt/no mayo/no cheese/no bread), 1 order of jalapeño, 2 fried eggs, 5 guacamoles, 1 liter of buko juice and meat
6:40PM: 5 bottles of yakult
8:23PM: laksa, beef curry, lamb curry, shrimp curry, sweet and sour pork, roti.
9:45PM: 4 wafer sticks

Analysis: Aside from the yakult and sweet and sour pork, it was amazing. The 8:23PM meal was from a restaurant that does not use salt nor MSG. I love it!! Paleo heaven!

July 19, Friday
6:44AM: 1 banana and 2 jolly hotdogs (no bread/no cheese)
7:46AM: 3 bottles of yakult
11:07AM: 2 bottles of yakult
1:20PM: 16oz buko juice with sugar
3:14PM: Octopus curry with scrambled eggs (2 eggs)
4:40PM: 3 chocolate chip cookies
5:50PM: 4 chocolate chip cookies, 3 butterfinger bites
8:40PM: 1 slice mocha roll, 1 cup of coffee with creamer
10:40PM: 1 army-navy double burger, jalapeño, 2 eggs, 3 guacamole

Analysis: Chocolate cookies… KILLER!!!

July 20, Saturday
6:48AM: Griled caesar salad (no dressing/no cheese), norwegian salmon omelet with little mayonnaise (no cream cheese), brewed coffee (no cream, no sugar), 1 cream puff
11:48AM: 4 glasses of fresh coconut juice and meat, 1/2 banana
12:39PM: 1.5 pieces of fried chicken legs (skins lessened during prep)
1:29PM: 1 piece fried chicken leg
6:04PM: 5 pieces McNuggets, small fries
7:10PM: paksiw na manok 1/5 whole, 1/3 norwegian salmon omelet

Analysis: The McNuggets threw me off and fries. But I felt I deserved it after yoga. hehe

July 21, Sunday
8:40AM: 4 fried eggs, 2 handfuls of cashew nuts
12:30PM: korean lunch
2:07PM: large choco cookie milktea (25% sugar, extra pearls)
5:12PM: 1/6 starbucks french toast and 1 grande signature hot choco
7:40PM: Jollibee’s amazing aloha burger (no mayo, no cheese, no bread), half a chicken wing, half a handful of cashew nuts.

Analysis: The milk tea was the kicker but it was soooooo good.

Week Analysis: I do not regret what I ate. Majority of what I ate for the week was Paleo and for the whole week, I was getting after it. Having to list down everything is a good way to watch what you ate. Often times we think that it has been a long while since you had a cheat meal but after looking at my log, it was just a while after all. This week’s challenge is to lessen the non-paleo stuff and consider doing portion control. Also, it’s gonna be juices for dinner.

How did your week go?

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