This challenge is starting to become something normal. This is exactly what I want. My eating and workout lifestyle should be second nature. Well, the exercise part will be trimmed down eventually but the diet should pretty much be like this from then on. After all, a diet is something that should be maintainable and not temporary. Something easily done to the point that you don’t think about it anymore.

This week, with the food I ate last week, I would say it improved. Listing down everything made it visually available for me to instantly review and see if I’ve already had a craving satisfied or if I have had too much of something already. In any way, it will also teach my body to automatically control what I take in. Like this afternoon, I had chocolate and wanted to flush it with canned juice. After the chocolates, I turned the juice down and opted for water instead; an obviously healthier option.

So this is what I had last week, my performance this week depends solely on what I had last week. If I break any records, then it is because of what I had last week.

July 22, Monday
7:55AM: three (3) scrambled eggs (no salt)
11:50AM: three (3) sunny side up eggs (no salt), four (4) slices of Purefoods Lean and Mean bacon
3:43PM: two (2) handfuls of unsalted cashews and one (1) apple
4:47PM: two (2) liters of coconut water with coconut meat
6:58PM: one (1) chicken adobo thigh
8:00PM: two (2) whole roast chicken breasts and one (1) wing (no skin), two (2) handfuls of cashews
10:00PM: two (2) handfuls of cashews

July 23, Tuesday
6:58AM: one (1) roast chicken leg
10:06AM: two (2) 600 ml vitwater straberry and kiwi
1:15PM: oriental shrimp salad (dabbed dressing), norwegian salmon omelet (no cream cheese, no mayonnaise)
2:38PM: three (3) pieces Kowloon Hoise Sharks Fin.
3:00PN: a handful of M&M’s mint chocolates
6:51PM: 1/2 roasted chicken thigh, one (1) pandesal, 5 pieces dried mango, two (2) apples, ten (10) pieces breaded squid rings. 1/2 whole breaded dory fillet, two (2) liters of cconit water and coconut meat

July 24, Wednesday
6:35AM: ten (10) pieces breaded squid rings, 1/4 fried breaded cream dory (scraped the breading off)
10:47AM: 600 ml Lipa buko juice
11:08AM: one (1) Jollibee Amazing Aloha (no bread/no mayonnaose/no ketchup/no cheese), one (1) double yum with TLC (no bread/no dressing)
11:15AM: one (1) apple
1:44PM: one (1) apple and two (2) tsp biscoff cookie butter
2:00PM: two (2) liters coconut water and coconut meat
3:22PM: 1/2 Starbucks roasted chicken pesto sandwich, one (1) small signature hot chocolate
4:42PM: two (2) sticks of KitKat
6:00PM: 1/2 fried cream dory fillet
7:30PM: sinigang na tangigue sa bayabas (tail and one steak slice)

July 25, Thursday
10:17AM: four (4) eggs, four (4) pieces of Purefoods Lean and Mean bacon
2:30PM: two (2) apples
3:58PM: one (1) Jollibee Amazing Aloha (no bread/no mayonnaose/no ketchup/no cheese), one (1) double yum with TLC (no bread/no dressing)
6:23PM: one (1) long graham cracker, three (3) pieces mint m&m’s
7:35PM: three (3) pieces adobong manpk with four (4) bananas, ginataang talakitok (1 fish), 3/4 cup double dutch ice cream

July 26, Friday
6:57AM: one (1) apple
11:08AM: vitwater straberry and kiwi 600 ml
2:40PM: steak and shrimps, salad
7:34PM: two (2) scoops pistacchio gelatto with one (1) scooo white choco hazelnut gelatto
8:00PM: 1/3 liempo

July 27, Saturday
7:30AM: two (2) liters coconut water and coconut meat
10:30AM: one (1) cup ginataang santol, one (1) whole small paksiw na tuna
1:45PM: three (3) orders of chicken feet, one (1) banana
7:30PM: two (2) paleo chicken legs
7:45PM: some doritos and 200 g cashews

July 28, Sunday
Pampanga Cheat Day!! – I would classify this as a cheat day because I had my fill of sweets. The carbs is pretty much controlled and would have a little bit of it rarely.

Let’s see what my performance will be this week since I’ll be pulling yoga down to three (3) times a week and with CrossFit from four (4) to five (5) times a week. In the next few weeks, I will also introduce boxing or capoeira soon. So watch out for that.

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