As I aim to hit below 300 pounds, there are a lot of things I tend to go back and review on and I am sure most of you are already aware of this but would often times forget and not apply when necessary.

In this post, I will talking about what I rediscovered and will apply this week. We will not be talking about fitness here. We will be talking about habits that need to be corrected and restarted. With this, I am hoping to get better results.

sleepaidsdottripoddotcomSleep – This is the most important part in weight-loss. Getting, at least, 8 hour of sleep a day is key. During sleep, your body is in a state of repair. It replenishes any lost cells and repairs it. Your muscles get relaxed, rejuvenated, and fixed while sleeping. Lately, I would just hit 5 hours a day. 6 if I am lucky. This has to stop. 8 is the minimum and 8 is what my body is getting.

Also, having at least 8 hours of sleep makes you less cranky and most likely getting better decision-making, and a happier mood.


Water – Water is the single most available item and yet it is the least valued. We would readily take sodas, juices, and coffee for water. Did you know that majority of what we are experiencing in our bodies are all due to a lack of water? Muscle cramps, head aches, body aches, coughs, and colds are caused when the body or a specific body part is dehydrated. When you get dizzy during a run, it is not because of a lack of carbs (like rice or chocolates), your body is just dehydrated. Now, in drinking water, there is no maximum amount. You can drink a lot and it is even encouraged because of it being a cure-all. The question is the minimum amount. This is how you calculate it, Looking at your weight, divide it by 2, and that’s the amount of water you will need to take at a minimum (in ounces) or take your weight, divide it by 2, then multiply it by 30 to get the amount of water you will need to take at a minimum (in milliliters). For example, you are 270 pounds, you are to take 135 ounces or 4,050 milliliters (or 4.05 liters) of water daily.

bbcdotcodotukProtein – Protein is important in muscle repair and development. But we all know that too much of protein can get you big. Since we are aiming to lose weight, we should eat less of it. Not totally remove it, lessen it. In taking in protein, you should do the 1:1 approach. For every pound you have, that’s the same amount of meat you should take per day in grams. So if you are 270 pounds, you are allowed to consume a total of 270g of meat in order for you to lose weight. Simple as that.

So this is what I will be watching for this week. I am positive that I will be getting some good results here.

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