In whatever challenge we take, there will always be some sort of a road block; an obstacle; something that gets you down and try to demotivate or ruin your mood. It’s the getting back up that is difficult but truly rewarding once you have gotten over it and have actually overcome it.

As the character Kilowog (voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan) has put it in DC Comics movie version of Green Lantern, “Your constructs are only gonna be as strong as your will.” it may be related to what Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds) was trying to do but this idea holds true in real life. Hear me out.

After watching the movie, there was only one lesson that I learned from it, you will only be as successful as how your mind sees you will be. It is such a simple idea but, boy, did it make a lot of sense. Your eyes can play tricks on you right? Since the will does not have eyes, it will rely on what the eyes tell it. More often than not, the eyes show the will that whatever it sees is exactly how it should be and will never be.

Another example is in Marvel Pictures’ Captain America where the scrawny Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) was at the end of the running pack and they were so tired that the commanding officer told them that whoever could get the flag off the flagpole will be allowed to ride the agent’s jeep all the way back to camp.

After a few moments of the entire platoon trying to climb the pole, the CO told them to fall back in to position. When Rogers stepped up to the base of the flagpole, all he did was yank the pole pin that was holding the pole up and you guys know what happened next.

To great examples of how the body reacts when the mind takes charge.

Now going back to the eye to will problem. When someone was doing a WOD, they were setting that person’s bar up for 55 pounds. To them, it was just enough for them to complete the workout. I’ve seen that person perform and I know they can do much more than that. When our trainer and I convinced that person to bring the bar to 75 pounds, the person was hesitant saying that the bar was way too heavy but when we forced that person to try it, that person ended up lifting it like it was nothing.

The eyes dictated that what was being lifted was too heavy and that person’s will gave in. But when  we conditioned the will that it can be done, the person believed and was able to overcome that.

125Another situation was when I was practicing at Bikram Yoga Alabang. The posture was the locust where you place your hands, palm-side down, on the ground. Your chest and shoulders planted on the floor and the objective is to raise your legs as high as you can. Basically, it’s the hips that stay and both legs should be floating. For the longest time, I was not even attempting to do it. I knew because of my weight that it is impossible to try. But when I remembered about Green Lantern, I gave it a go and my teachers were surprised. So was I. Picture to follow.

Goes to show that that person can go the distance if the will takes charge.

Whenever you are faced with a situation where your eyes think that it is impossible, give it a try first. You will never know how capable you are unless you try it. Chances are, you will be able to do it pa. If you failed, then at least you tried. In most cases, you don’t.

At my size, I didn’t think I’d do a handstand. But I did.:)

What the mind conceives, the body believes.

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