I started my #RoadToSub300 journey last June 10, 2013. I’ve made a lot of new friends in Bikram Yoga Alabang, FTX – Fitness Exchange, LightWater, and Certified Calm, just to name a few; the selected friends who believed in my cause and decided to help without batting an eyelash. Because of that, I will be eternally grateful.

As of this writing, it has been 106 days from the day I decided to stop maintaining my weight and just aim to hit below 300. I mean, I am happy that I have lost a lot of weight from 481 pounds but looking at 360 pounds, I am still classified as obese and for those who have not watched Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, they cannot appreciate how I look like now. I know I should not be bothered by what others think but I know that there are still a lot of you who look up to me for inspiration and I owe it to all of you for me to continue.

Last Sunday, as I did my daily devotions, it dawned on me. I’ve been doing this for a while now but have not seen any significant change. Sure, I may have become stronger and faster but visually, I am still the same. A lot of people have sworn that I have lost a lot of weight but looking at my weekly progress, I am not convinced that I have.

So again, back to my realization. I’ve been a Christian for a little over 20 years now and looking back, all my success stories would always start and end with God. This time, however, I have realized that I did not even touch base with God and ask for His blessing. Last Sunday, He reminded me that it is not I who will make me lose weight but Him. Reading the life of Moses and how God used him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt proved that it was all God and none of Moses. Moses knew it, God knew it but did it stop God? No! He made sure that the success of His plan would really go back to Him; all honor would go to Him and not to Moses or anyone else.

So hear me out for the next few minutes and see how God will make me hit below 300 pounds even when I have a little over 2 months left. In the end, He will be glorified and in the end, when all of you will ask me how I did it, I will respond and say that it was all God Who helped me lose the weight.

The next few verses would really go out of context with my purpose if you read through the verses before and after. But the way the bible works, for me, is that there are some key phrases within the verse that should strike you and give you meaning to whatever it is that is bothering you. In my case, all the verses I will be discussing below will all be in relation to losing weight.


The inspiration of this whole weight loss would stem from this verse. I was surprised that even the word “athlete” can be found here. You can simply say that even with these three verses, you should already find inspiration and simply live off of that. I just had a shirt made with this at the back and the word, “UNBUYABLE” on the front.

Unbuyable is a word commonly used in CrossFit ti signify that nothing and no one can get you down. I would like to redeem CrossFit as getting Fit because of the Cross.

I would like to redeem CrossFit as getting Fit because of the Cross.

With yoga and the exercises I do each week, aside from that, I should really discipline myself in all aspects. Most importantly, my diet. I claim that God will free me from my addiction to the amount of food I take. The quality is already there but the quantity still has to be controlled.


Even in this verse, it shows that exercise is secondary. In weightloss, 70% of it comes from food while the 30% comes from exercise. If I bring myself to all the pain and sweat weekly, for sure it should be a cinch to lose it all that quick. When I tried Paleo around a year ago, I easily lost 30 pounds in 30 days. Take note, that was done without exercise. So it is really doable. That is why I am wondering why I am not losing the weight now that I have incorporated my daily regimen aside from my diet. Now, God is telling me to make sure that my heart and spiritual walk should be on track FIRST and He will help me.

3This verse should not come as a surprise to most of us. After all, God did create us. Wouldn’t it be just as fitting if I lifted my day to God, too? I should start with Him blessing me before I start my practice, WOD, what have you, and end it with a prayer, too. Going through the day, we should always communicate with God to touch base with Him and see what He wants us to do to glorify Him; Not us, but Him.


My losing all the weight is my current trial, yours might be slightly different or totally different altogether. Remember that when you are being tested, something great is coming. It is similar to when you are working. Your boss starts off by giving you the small jobs and when you have proven yourself, he will slowly give you the bigger tasks because he is confident that you will not let you down. That’s how God is also. He wants you to exercise faithfulness.

5Of course, there are times that we would forget God is even there. Either we are too caught up with our problems, or even too happy that we are ok that we tend to forget. The other extreme is that we purposely forget God and just call on Him when we are in trouble again. Though this is not a good habit to have, it is also reassuring to know that even if we are complete jerks, God is still faithful. It feels good that after so many weeks, I know that my God will never turn His back on me even though I have turned my back on Him so many times.


And having that thought, we should also remember that God can and will help us. All we need is to ask. This week starts the new week where I will call on God more than ever. He will surely make me lose the weight. Why? Just as the verse said, He “is my Helper”.


It is also so refreshing to read this. I’ve already claimed this verse as God is talking to me directly. It is also so reassuring that the God Who created the heavens and the earth would come to my rescue and even ask me what He can do for me. It’s like the President of the Philippines knocking at your door and ask yo… never mind. I’m sure you get it.


Then there is another thought, “my problem is too big/small for God to help me with. He is too busy for more important things. Hey, you matter. You are important to God. He made us the last and made us in His own image. We matter. If He can separate the Red Sea to save the Israelites, He can easily help me lose weight. He will not just make me lose weight physically, but He will also heal me spiritually and emotionally.

I pray that this short blog would help you with your own problems as this will help me lose weight. As you can see, it started with my personal concern; my weightloss, but it ended with God addressing my other concerns. Concerns I may have overlooked but He knows I need tweaking.

So since I started this blog with a verse, let me end it with a verse. I pray that you find comfort in the thought that God is simply a prayer away and that He will help you. It may not be exactly how you needed it, but He will help you in ways He sees fit. In the end, you will realize that He was right, again.

9If you have any prayer requests, I am open for them. Simply send it to iam@eboybautista.com, and I will pray for you nonstop until your prayers get answered. Pray for me, too. I am two months away. My body tells me that hitting below 300 pounds is impossible but MY GOD is telling me, “I’m Possible!”




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