In celebration of Bikram Yoga Alabang’s — A #RoadToSub300 partner — 3rd year anniversary, instead of the regular party with food and games benefiting all of their clients, they decided to give back!


Bikram Yoga Alabang  (BYA), in partnership with the My Dream In A Shoebox Foundation, a joint effort of Team Asia and the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), will be celebrating their 3rd year anniversary with their yoga for a cause event.

In the morning of October 26, 2013, at the Corte de las Palmas of the Alabang Town Center, we will have an outdoor yoga session. Everyone is invited to come and try out Bikram Yoga for free minus the hot room! It’s your chance to experience what we yogis and yoginis experience session in and session out and see and learn the big benefits of doing this fast rising practice and why, I think, this branch of yoga is a tad better than the rest.

You cannot just show up and join in on the celebration. There is a reason why we have a “…for a cause.” clause. I tell my friends that in order for them to get in to the said celebration and practice yoga FOR FREE, we will have to come in with a SHOEBOX filled with school supplies. The My Dream In A Shoebox Foundation, on its 5th year, collects shoeboxes filled with school supplies and gives it away to deserving children who could not afford to have their own things for school.

I rarely blog about charity events and such but this one touched my heart because I believe that with the right tools and preparation, these kids may get a fighting chance at a better future. Not just for themselves but for their families as well. It’s paying it forward. Registration starts at 9:00AM on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the Corte de las Palmas (near Chili’s and PF Changs).

Doing something good for strangers can never be bought. The reward from our Father is priceless; it’s UNBUYABLE!

For more information about any of the things mentioned here, log on or contact:
Bikram Yoga Alabang: or call them at 02-8465496
My Dream in a Shoebox Foundation:

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