At the beginning of my #RoadToSub300 journey, I decided to get into the realm of the yogis and yoginis. Not really considering getting really serious about it, I simply went to any sports shop and got myself a cheap-o yoga mat for around PHP350.00.

picture 03 So I barely survived my first day with Bikram Yoga Alabang and the teacher noticed that I was having trouble with some of the postures and called my attention on it. I admitted that I haven’t been practicing for a while and it is bothering my knees and feet and I figured that all I needed was to get used to the pain and it will eventually go away.

Immediately, the teacher instructed me to go to Certified Calm in BGC to see about getting me a good yoga mat. A yoga mat that was perfect for a plus-sized person. So I was introduced to the Manduka PROlite 71″ a mat that offered more than just huge practice real estate. I initially thought it would only fit me but as I practiced for 5 months, it had more benefits than I imagined.

The first thing that you will notice with the mat is how dense the mat feels. The weight and density of the mat will definitely tell a plus-sized person that it can carry you. It is definitely built with abuse in mind. picture 02

With a little almost 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, and half a centimeter thick, this is the biggest yoga mat I’ve used. I can already say “biggest” because I’ve had a couple of other yoga mats to use and abuse. The immediate difference that I got to feel upon using the Manduka PROlite 71″ is how dense the mat is. With yoga, CrossFit, and the amount of water I have to consume a day, I would sweat A WHOLE LOT. If only I could take a picture of me practicing and sweating, you could literally see the glasses of sweat pouring down my face, arms, legs, and back. I mean, I would be so sweaty that the shirt I’d be wearing would not take in any more sweat, literally.

Guess what? I NEVER slipped!! Not even once!! As of this writing, I’ve practiced around 62 times and never did I feel uneasy practicing with my feet all wet from all that sweat.

You could also react, “why not just get a run-off-the-mill yoga mat that is thicker? Like the ones they have in fitness gyms.”  Well, having a thicker mat may help but you cannot go too thick. Sometimes the thicker mats make it difficult for you to stand on it and may even hurt other parts of your body where the weight is not distributed properly. For example. If you use one of those mats and stand on it, it may work but what if you have, say, the gout and you could not step with your entire foot, yes, the softer cushion can carry you, but on the area of the foot where the center of weight is NOT, the material can push up on your foot and would make it difficult to make a step on them. The PROlite  gives the right density to cushion your step while it even distributes your weight throughout the mat.

After using it for as long as I have, now I understand why they call Manduka the “Jaguar of Yoga Mats”. The cost of getting one of these — being around 10-12 times of the regular run-off-the-mill yoga mats — justifies all the plusses in having one. The Manduka PROlite 71″ can be found at any two of Certified Calm‘s stores. Just head on over to this link to see which store is nearer to you.

Length: 71″ (180.34cm)
Width: 24″ (60.96cm)
Height: 3/16″ (0.47625cm)
Price: P3,950.00
Certified Calm’s Website:
Certified Calm’s Facebook Page:
Manduka PROlite 71″ Product Page.

You can also get your Manduka mats at Bikram Yoga Alabang.

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