It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted — sorry about that! It’s just that I’ve felt that this has been one of the toughest journeys I’ve taken and it’s testing my knowledge in weight loss and it’s driving me nuts! Hope this makes up for it.

I’ve been publishing several posts on exercise, how to get motivated, etc, but never really discussed the type of diet I do. The reason why I haven’t been discussing about it is because I haven’t been truly faithful to it. I would be “dieting” and cheating at a 60-40 ratio and it was only up to last week that I can honestly say that I am 100% on board with my eating lifestyle now and there’s no stopping me (hopefully!).

I learned about this diet while doing CrossFit. CrossFitters around the globe swear by this diet and I’ve been reading many stories of its effects. The initial effects of this diet is that it gives you all the energy you need to perform everyday movements but what it does is help you lose weight by flushing out the bad stuff naturally. It’s the Paleo diet.


What is Paleo? It’s sort of a new yet old eating lifestyle. New, because it’s starting to become the rave. Old, because as the name implies, it has been around since the Paleolithic period. I honestly don’t fully grasp the Paleolithic period because the only caveman period I’m aware of is the Jurassic period.

I won’t go into detail about the Paleo diet because it is easily searchable on the internet but let me explain to you how I do the Paleo diet and why I think it works. Let me start off by saying that the first time I tried the Paleo diet, I was able to lose exactly 30 pounds in 27 days. That’s without any exercise because I just had an eye operation that time and unlike other diets, I was not even a bit weak. It just takes a bit of patience to get yourself acquainted with the do eats and don’t eats so let me run it down to you pretty easily.

Paleo is basically eating organic foods. That’s it.

Ok.. that’s not completely it. It’s basically eating EVERYTHING in the spectrum except for the following types:
1. Grains – All forms of grains. There is no healthy grains. Grains is grains. Rice, bread, pasta, pizza, wheat, semolina, etc..
2. Legumes – Beans and the Peanut. Nuts are fine. The peanut is NOT a nut. It’s a legume. How can you tell if what you are eating is a legume? If it can naturally or easily split itself in two, then it’s a legume.
3. Processed sweeteners – We can only have pure honey or coco sugar (basically, any derivative of the mighty coconut is good)
4. Processed salts – Kosher and Sea salts are the ONLY acceptable kinds. Nothing more.
5. Dairy – Enough said. Did you know that we were naturally born not being able to process cow’s milk (or any animal milk for that matter)? Why now? Because we were slowly introduced to it.

Now a lot of you might bitch and moan that there are too many things to avoid but have you really sat down and analyzed at the amount of food you can eat? The worse diet I had to go through was the chicken breast and sweet potato diet. It was good but not sustainable. Sooner or later (meaning 3 days), I had to break out of that.

As long as what you are thinking of eating does not fall under the categories about, then it is Paleo.

Another way to tell what is Paleo when in the grocery. I follow this simple rule. Does it come in a box? Does it have ingredients your grandmother cannot pronounce? Then it’s not Paleo.

Let’s say the list above is still too much, let me just break it down to simpler categories:
1. Starch bearing foods
2. Processed condiments
3. Dairy

Unless you have one of the rarest forms of allergies, then Paleo is for everyone. Even for new borns.

There are tons of apps out there that tell which foods are Paleo friendly or not. Give it a try.

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