Too many things running through my head. I honestly don’t know how to put it in words that make sense. All I know is that I have an amazing God and He will not disappoint.

Just weighed myself the other day and it’s really disappointing. The scale shows that I gained but my body feels stronger, faster, and lighter.  Still it is not a reason to be complacent. I will continue with my push and eventually hi below 300 pounds.

A fellow CrossFitter, Grech Go, is now one of my inspirations. He lost a total of 70 pounds in 3 months all thanks to CrossFit and Paleo. I have CrossFit and a somewhat Paleo lifestyle and Yoga. So you can say it is going pretty well. All I need is to shake off the depression and just continue to focus. My God will not make me fail. I am sure of that.

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