December is upon us and with just 5 days before Christmas, I have learned so much with my #RoadToSub300 but have fallen short of the target.

When I started my #RoadToSub300 “campaign”, it was on the hopes of hitting below 300 pounds by November or December. The reason why I decided to blog about my journey (good or bad) is to show the rest of you how losing weight is NOT easy. You get to read blogs or success stories but never hear or read of their trials or downfalls. They are too scared to show being disappointed. My blog is different. I don’t care if all of you will judge me for as long as I am honest with my journey to hopefully give some of you the thought, “I still have hope.”

The truth is, everybody has hope it’s just being persistent about it.

I don’t care if all of you will judge me for as long as I am honest with my journey to hopefully give some of you the thought, “I still have hope.”


Last May, I weighed a disappointing 368 pounds (I started the show at almost 500 pounds, mind you) which is what triggered my online campaign and blog. Come June, I started doing Yoga at 3 times/week alternating it with CrossFit at 3-4 times/week. I even started a semi-strict Paleo diet (at 60%-70% strict with 30%-40% cheat/week) thinking that it would help. Come August, 3 months after my “initial weigh-in” I disappointingly discover that I lost a measly 5 pounds to give me 363 pounds with 3-4 months to go.

Thinking that losing 20 pounds per month was doable, I quickly shrugged it off and continued with my regimen and eating lifestyle.

A lot of people in my community have been really supportive and encouraging with my journey telling me that I’ve already lost so much despite me not seeing it myself. I tell myself that it is good because it will not make me complacent and just continue. Some people I’ve confided with explained that it is going to eventually and suddenly drop before I know it giving me my much needed encouragement.

October and November has been really encouraging for me since I am feeling the effects of my hard work. I feel that I am getting more flexible, stronger, and even faster so I wasn’t really looking on my clothes anymore.

Until December came. I decided to finally weigh myself to see where I am just to know what my battle plan is moving forward. Only to discover that I even GAINED 11 pounds. Ending my 6 month run at 374 pounds. Heartbreaking. Many questions suddenly started rushing through my head. Started blaming the “bad foods” I’ve willingly engulfed. I am quite sure that the exercise is not the culprit because I was pretty consistent with it. Admittedly, it was my eating lifestyle.


I have come to realize that my body is special. It is not designed as the others where it is easy for them to make “bawi” what they have eaten in just a few days. My body is a work-in-progress needing to be consistent. No hiccups or bumps along the way if I were to hit my target ASAP. That is exactly the reason why I got to my heaviest back in 2o11. My body is designed differently and the approach to correct that has to be consistent and aggressive.

So now, I have taken my defeat as a lesson and have slowly made plans to address this in 2014. The journey has definitely not stopped. Because I still have a lot of things to learn about my body. My goal here is to not just to lose the weight but to lose it PERMANENTLY.

I have to admit, the Christmas spirit makes you want to eat all the bad stuff so I am going to avoid this as much as I can but come January 2, we’re back on track.

Jesus has been very gracious and supporting in my journey constantly giving me the peace that surpasses all understanding telling me, “I will eventually get there”.

And, in my depression, I was led to these verses that gave me the assurance that everything is going according to His plan.

2 He said, “The LORD is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer.
3 My God, my Rock, in Whom I take refuge, my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my Stronghold and my Refuge, my Savior; You save me from violence.
4 I call upon the LORD, Who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.
2 Samuel 22:2-4 (ESV)

As the days go by, I will post here what my plans are. I am hoping, and praying, that a lot of you have not lost your faith in me and are still praying for this to be a success in Jesus’ Name.

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