December is the worst day for a person who is still struggling with weight loss especially when the Christmas dinners go left and right. I always wish that I only have 1 circle of friends so that I can only attend one Christmas dinner and hide with my healthy eating the rest of the season.

I am a plan freak. I mean, I am very spontaneous but when it comes to things that really matter, — like my weight loss — I NEED to follow a schedule and that also includes my food intake.

2013 has been tremendously wonderful in relation to my #RoadToSub300; I’ve met so many friends and have learned so much about my body. I may have not reached my goal but that does not mean I don’t have a plan for 2014.

As I’ve said, I am a plan freak. From June of this year, I have already, pretty much, have my workout regimen down. I do yoga 3-4 times a week and do CrossFit almost the same number of times. (I’m going back to running, by the way) But it is obvious that that is not enough. To effectively lose weight, I should also control my eating lifestyle and listing it down on Google Keep is not enough. Now, I will also want to share this with you all starting next week.

Aside from my weekly progress (which I will resume next year), I will also include a meal plan to show everyone what I’ve been eating the previous week so that it can go hand in hand with my journey. Here, you will see what caused my weight loss or weight gain and you can pretty much see what makes my body tick. If you can relate to this, then you can copy what I have or make your own based on my results.

Every week, I will post it with something like this to make it really clear.



I am very positive with what 2014 will bring. I can feel it. God will finally give me my breakthrough. Both in health and in my career.

Let’s see.

Before I forget, let me wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a God-filled and blessed NEW YEAR! I can go on and on with why everyone will be blessed but I’d rather let you all find our for yourselves. 🙂

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