I have experienced weight loss in two perspectives: the one watching others do it and the one who actually went through it. So whatever I will say here on means I know what I am talking about.

indulgenceLet’s face it, we LOVE to eat what is bad for us. The only that stops us is the guilt feeling it gives after. The odd thing is, for me, it doesn’t just end in the psychological guilt but there is also a physical aspect to eating what is bad.

I am posting this to explain why we should start eating healthy and me posting this will tell you that starting January 2, 2014, I will do my best to eat clean and healthy 80%-90% of the time. Leaving 20%-10% to those mental cravings.

I am confident to say that the cravings are just mental and not physical. Why? My body reacts to it, literally. I am basing my statement purely on what I allowed my body to ingest this December. I totally gave in to eating all forms of indulgences. The result? Aside from my body obviously getting big again, the bigger clincher — which I think is what will help me keep eating healthy — is how it affects my performance.

guiltHere are the things I notice that affect me tremendously when I do not eat clean:
1. Sleep patterns – I notice that I have less quality amounts of sleep after eating the a big slice of tiramisu than when I eat something purely Paleo.
2. Sluggishness in moving – This is not just when you work out; this is in movement in general. I feel that I move much, much slower.
3. Workout performance – With yoga and CrossFit working hand-in-hand, I literally feel my performance in doing my regimen is affected. With yoga, the poses are more difficult to execute and with CrossFit, even if it is a DNF, you know it’s because of what you ate the day before (I’ve had my fair shares of DNF‘s even when I am properly fed but you just know that you have given your all in it versus not eating properly and the bad feling down your guy affects your workout performance.

Bottomline, me eating what is “good” physically affects my body and it is more than enough reason to stick to eating clean. I will be eating my last hurrah of bad food for the New Year’s celebration with my family but come January 2, we’re back on track!

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