As I have probably mentioned many times in the past, 2013 has got to be the best year ever. I am pretty thankful to God for making me experience 2013 that way I did. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2013As the new year starts, let me list down the 13 reasons why I am thankful for 2013.

blurry-sky-cross1. My Relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
He has taken me away from my past and He is the One Who will be guiding me to my future. My present would not be as it is now if It weren’t for Him. I have learned so much after spending time with Him daily. I’ve been a Christian since 1988 but it was only until after the Biggest Loser where I can genuinely say that I have found Him. My Protector, my Lord, and my God.

newlife 2. A Renewed Appreciation for Life
The second half of 2013 gave birth to the #RoadToSub300 hashtag/campaign and this blog. I may still be a work in progress but I know that I am on the right track; A very bumpy track but the right track, nonetheless. I have learned so much about my body in 6 months than when I was in Biggest Loser. Back then, I did lose the weight fast but I did not fully understand why. Thankful for people like Art Mendoza and Angela Lupango who stuck it out with me for as long as they did. Now, it’s learning to lose the weight safely, effectively, and PERMANENTLY.

beautifulaffair3. My Budding Love with Acting
With 3 projects that came out in 2013 —  A Beautiful Affair with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, and Joseph: The Dreamer and Joseph: The Dream Interpreter with Bodie Cruz — it made me realize that I like acting. It is something I will definitely want to try in 2014. I’ve already spoken to some people and even have an adviser to help me with my decisions. Praying that this is all part of God’s will for me.

1512586_10152069191599197_23559112_n4. Amazing Communities
With my new appreciation in health, along with the struggles and heartaches that went along with it, nothing gives me more encouragement that with my communities or my “families”. If it weren’t for them pushing me, I would have long thrown in the towel.

1495154_10153702836235651_508548309_o5. A Loving and Caring Support System
My family has been the biggest motivator, especially my mom. She always thought I amounted to something even on times I thought I was just kidding myself. Even some fans and supporters can doubt you. Not my family, they know I can do it. Why? Because I have already shown them in the past that I can.

995019_10101197045213591_366253409_n6. The Best Buddies
Aside from the communities and families, there should still be that “core” group. The few people who would go up to your face and tell you how it is. They are the ones who can pull you up. If you have those kinds of people, make sure that you tell them how much you appreciate them. I just did.

1174595_10151635261264748_515356965_n7. A Sense of Value from Other People
Even if I feel that I have failed myself countless times, there are still a handful of people who still believe in me and my capabilities. This year, along with my going back to reading God’s word, I joined a bible study group with my friends from CrossFit. Not only am I getting my muscles tones and strengthened, I also get my spiritual muscles worked on as well.

8. My #RoadToSub300 Partners (They are listed on the right side)
The ones who believed in my capacity and have not stopped believing in me. I’m taking you all with me when I reach my goal.

Eboy9. My situation
I mean, if it weren’t for what has happened to me then and up to now, I wouldn’t have woken up and realized that I can do something about it in Jesus’ Name. My past is a testament to who I am and if it weren’t for those circumstances, it wouldn’t have led me to where I am now.

10.  For God’s unconditional love
It’s that love-no-matter-what that got to me. We are technically strangers yet very much familiar. Even before I met Jesus, He already knew me and He already loved me.

Haters Color Logo Art11. For my hater’s or troll’s love
Even trolls or haters have love. Negative nga lang ang approach. Even those who do not believe in me deserve credit. I now have a reason to prove some people wrong.

NEpwCFWLZ2ikts_1_112. My future girlfriend/wife
Because of you, I am now preparing myself for you. I have learned not to look for the perfect partner but to prepare myself to be the perfect partner, not just physically, but financially, and spiritually. My only requirement is for you to love Jesus Christ more than you love me.


Everything that I am doing is not just for me but for all of you, too! You were the ones who first believed in me way back in the Biggest Loser camp and it is still all of you who are continuing to motivate me to continue. If I can break out of a difficult bond by losing weight, then all of you who struggle with weight can do it, too.

What are you thankful for? Find 13 reasons too. If you can find 2013 reasons, so much the better.

To all of you reading this, may you have an amazing God-centered New Year! Be a blessing instead of thinking how to be blessed. God will work with that.

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