Just thought of posting something short today to let you all know how I am doing.

Today is the third day of me going strict Paleo and going cold turkey on everything I shouldn’t be taking in and I’ve learned and discovered a few things now.

I honestly do not know why I even bother allowing myself to go “back” whenever I am doing so well doing Paleo. But now, I realize that there is a type of nutritional transition whenever I switch or when I allow myself to indulge.

7445744_sThis is exactly what I felt during the holidays and now that I am back, it hurts transitioning. For the past 2 days, my body has been having headaches and bodyaches. Last December, I would feel full and “satisfied” but could not sleep properly at night and wake up in the morning with a food “hangover”. Would stand up, have a donut and the cycle continues. Not good.

Now, my body is slowly flushing all the bad Christmas crap I’ve been taking in. It’s painful but will all be worth it in 2-3 months. You’ll see.

If you plan on sticking to an eating lifestyle, remember this post unless you want to feel it yourself.

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