As promised, here is what I ate for the past 7 days.

Note that what is listed from meals to snacks is not in any chronological order. There are days that I took two snacks before Meal 2, two snacks before Meal 3, and even a snack after Meal 3 so it may vary per day. I make it a point to eat something when I get hungry so you will notice some days that I did not get to Snack 3 anymore.

Bare in mind that this is, as always, a work-in-progress. My food intake will forever evolve and improve but this is what will pretty much be my eating lifestyle for now. I say, “for now” because, again, it continues to change and improve. But if this works, this will be permanent.

If the image is too small for you to see, you can click on the image to enlarge.


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