A lot of people have been posting on social media about the 4 minute workout. But the internet feeling about it has been split in half. Getting a lot of raves from people who are doing it for the first time and rants from experts or long-time gym buffs. Here is my two-cents’ worth.

Before I give you my comments, let me explain to you how the body works (at least for me); Our bodies live on tolerance; That’s the inexplicable ability of a body to endure and eventually adapt. The you’ll-get-used-to-it symptom. The idea is the more you get used to something, eventually, you will have to do more. Remember when you started doing pushups you can do 3 in a row but now you do 20 straight? That’s because your body adapted, endured, and improved.

That’s what the 4-minute workout should do to you. It’s a workout with the beginner in mind. Sure, there are alot of first timers who did much more than that, but did you know that there are much more gym quitters than those who actually became gym rats? If not, then the Philippines, let alone, the world, would have healthier people.

This is what the 4-minute workout is:
4 exercises with 10 repetitions (reps) each. Once you complete all 4 exercises, that’s one round. Finish the entire 4 minutes in As Much Rounds (and Reps) As Possible (AMRAP).

The movements are:
1. 10 Air Squats
2. 10 Lunges (1 leg=1 count)
3. 10 Push Ups
4. 10 Jumping Jacks

On average, you should be able to do 3-5 rounds in 4 minutes. If the 4 minutes is up, you can either stop where you ended or, for some people, they would complete their round.

A lot of gym rats and fitness experts are posting negative comments about this and it’s sad. They completely miss the point on why it was created in the first place. I was a product of the 4-minute workout. I weighed almost 500 pounds when this was introduced to me and it helped jump start my fitness lifestyle.

This is where the “science” comes to play. You are not supposed to be doing the 4-minute workout ONLY. When you are starting out, sure, it’s fine. Especially if you are the type who is too busy to put in a full workout in your busy day. It’s nice to pinch this in during your coffee break or toilet break but the main idea is not to be contented with just doing 4-minute pocket workouts a day. As you do this more often, your body adapts, endures, and improves and would want to do more things.

If you haven’t done any form of exercise AT ALL, then it should be good to start with this but eventually end up doing something more difficult and more intense.

At the Fit-Fil/Metafit clinics, the more advanced people do the 4-minute workout as their warm up.

Again, the idea is to start somewhere and once you have grown the tolerance to do more, take that opportunity and do it. The 4-minute workout got me interested in exercise and now I am doing CrossFit with is much, much longer than the 4-minute workout; Thanks to the 4-minute workout, I now enjoy working out.

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