I’ve decided to add another category totalling my weekly posts to 3:

1. Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) – My weekly food intake.
2. Motivation Mondays – Any form of motivation to start our week right. Mostly for my personal motivation because losing weight is so difficult.
3. WorkOut Wednesdays (W.O.W.) – This new category will simply show any type of exercise; ONE exercise — in my case, it will be coming from CrossFit or Yoga. The standards will be discussed either within the blog or in video (very important before implementing it into a work out simply because doing a movement incorrectly is prone to injury.)

So for this week’s first WOW, I will be discussing the Air Squat. A very family movement; a CrossFit staple but I am sure everybody has done air squats. They call it an AIR squat because you won’t be carrying anything unlike a front squat or a back squat (which will be covered eventually).

Look at this video at how an air squat is executed and if you plan on doing it soon to make sure you stick to the standards.

So this is my first WOW post. Praying to have more posts of this in the coming weeks.

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