Two new categories have been added to my blog but won’t be as frequent as the first three so for now, we already have five (5):

MM· Motivation Monday – Thoughts on how to start the week on a good note. More often than not, there will be some biblical tone to the posts on this day to get you all started on the right foot.




· Transformation Tuesday – When I start seeing big changes — Unfortunately, wala pa — I will post it here. Notice that my weekly progress part has been deleted.




· WorkOut Wednesday (W.O.W.) – Anything and everything related to what I do daily; Yoga and CrossFit. You will see here some sample workouts, explanations on some movements and the benefits they have. Basically, if it will get you to move, this is the one for you.




· Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) – My weekly food journal. Anything and everything I put in my mouth. No holds barred.




· Fastrack Friday – For now, this category will include quick thoughts that are outside the other four categories. To bring you guys up to speed at where I am and how I am feeling. If I get to have enough time, this should be pretty regular.


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