An just like that, it’s Monday once again. With the way the work force is now — with shifts including Saturday and Sunday — I honestly don’t know why we dread Mondays still.

But here we are. Finding strength to “start” the week in a good note. What can we do? That’s how everything was growing up so just live with it.

man-asleep-at-desk-1How is your daily routine like? Are you like me who literally drags himself to the Yoga studio or the CrossFit box first thing before doing everything else “just to get it over with”? Even if your schedule is free in the afternoon? I mean, do you need to have the workout regimen done in the morning or else you will never get to do it on that day?

Why bother? I mean, there is always tomorrow, right? and the day after that, and the day after that. I mean, come on. Is it really that important that you should do it today?

Yes it’s important that you do it today. Your body needs it. Your ego needs it. Your LIFE needs it. Can’t find that support group that will push you to work hard? Don’t let that stop you. Just do it.

When I decided to do yoga, I did not do it with a friend, I simply stood up, went to the nearest yoga studio I could find and found my own support group within the confines of the hot room. Now, though I am one of two or three guys in the woman-filled group, at least I now have the motivation to go.

CrossFit? I used to have a group that goes with me but they have long moved on and all I have is me. What do I do? I make new friends who are a much better support group than they and it’s all when I decided to do it and not depend on the usual suspects.

Decide to do it on your own. Because if no one can, who will?? No other than you! When you decide to do something, stick to it.

I have this attitude on doing it or making plans without anyone watching. But that does not mean I can convince myself not to do it; I stick to it. Makes me feel more encouraged. More empowered.

Set a goal and set a schedule. Plotting it in your calendar and alarm clock before everything else will teach you to work around it. With me, I make sure my errands are scheduled in the afternoon AFTER my regimen.

It’s all a matter of deciding to do it.


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