WOW A lot of people ask a lot of other people what the perfect regimen would be the effectively lose weight efficiently. If that’s what you ask me, then I would say, “I don’t know.” It really depends totally on your body’s make up. A certain type of workout is effective for some while it isn’t for others. I do a combination of Yoga and CrossFit. I have discovered that these two compliment each other perfectly. Add to this mix my eating lifestyle and I am happy. I may not lose as much and as quickly as I have hoped but I am learning. I do not want to be able to lose a lot in a short time then just gain it all back. I want it slowly and permanently. yoga   I have learned that Yoga helps a big deal with focus, patience, and — most importantly — flexibility. For someone my size doing some of the postures in Bikram Yoga is close to impossible or would require 2-3 years of practice to achieve it but I did in less than 1 year. Rich-Froning-BSN   Pair that with the strength of Olympic Weightlifting, the agility of Gymnastics, and the speed and high-intensity movements of Plyometrics —  collectively known as CrossFit — and you have a perfect combination for a total workout. CrossFit allows me to push myself and make that additional rep before time runs out. It’s true when they say that every second counts and it does with CrossFit. The way I tackle when I hyperventilate is addressed in CrossFit and I was able to bring it to Yoga when the heat starts to hit 40°C for 90 minutes and the flexibility I developed in Yoga applies when I do squats and snatches in CrossFit.

I practice Yoga at Bikram Yoga Alabang. I do CrossFit at CFMNL.

What moves you?


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