Today’s WorkOut Wednesday, we will be discussing one of the more challenging yet very satisfying yoga postures once you get it right, Bikram’s Master Pose or the Triangle Pose.

Ladies and gentlemen, the triangle pose:


A lot of yogis and yoginis make a mistake when doing this posture so let me discuss with you some things to look out for when doing the posture.

When your yoga teacher says, “elbow in front of the knee” during their dialogue, they are referring to where your chest and tummy is facing and not where the reference knee is pointing. If you would look at the photo, the yogi is placing his elbow on the left side of the knee but since we are using the chest and tummy as reference, then the elbow is, indeed, in front of the knee.

When bending the knee and doing a lunge, make sure the knee does not go over but rests on top of the ankle. It should not go over the toes as well. If you can feel that your knees are above the toes and not the ankle, it simply means you should make a wider step.

When the yoga teacher says, “rest your chin on your shoulder.” during the dialogue, one way to achieve this is by pushing your elbow against your knee to let your torso rotate against the knee.

One thing to note also, since you are “resting” your elbow on your knee, your finger tips should not be carry all the weight but basically be resting between your big and second toe. How is this achieved? Again, by pushing your elbow against the knee to make your hips open up bigger and allowing your body to twist more.

This is one of the “subtle” postures or asanas that is one of the more difficult postures to do and hold but also holds a lot of good benefit from it:

  • The compression is good for the kidneys
  • It alleviates “saddlebags” or “love handles”
  • The entire body is affected: muscles, nerves, and tissues
  • It changes/corrects chemical imbalances in the body
  • It is good for anorexia, constipation, colitis, blood pressure, appendicitis, hip and back pain, spondolitis, menstrual disorders, general mobility, obesity, and frozen shoulders
  • The lower portion of the body becomes a solid base with upper body twisting; This creates cardiovascular benefit with very little movement.

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