As of this writing, I am in the beautiful district of Wanchai in Hong Kong and like a lot of you who are afraid of losing a day of not working out, there are definitely more than one way to #GetAfterIt.

Of course, like many of you fitness buffs out there, you would really be willing to go out of your way to head to the nearest available hot room or box and work up a good sweat but for some of us who don’t have the extra clams to do so, there are still many ways to work up a good sweat.

You can go as simple as taking walks around. Here in Hong Kong, since the weather is at its 20’s, I don’t mind walking a few blocks instead of taking the tram or a cab.

If you really wanna tone some of your muscles, you can do simple movements in your room or at the park like squats, pushups and pull ups.


Be creative in trying to get after it. You’ll be glad you did.

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