It has been a while since I’ve posted for MM. BUt it is sometimes hard to find something good to talk about when there isn’t anything new to help you push harder. I am glad I’ve found something new now.

This post is inspired by a quote I read over at Instagram. In order for me not to have any problems with whoever owns the image, I will not post the image but post the quote the image had:

When life puts you in tough situations, Don’t say, “WHY ME?” Say, “TRY ME!”

It’s a very strong declaration but very easy to accomplish. We, as a people, are very ego-centric and we simply need to stop looking for people or things to make us feel good and simply trust in God who is the perfect Source of motivation. His Son, Jesus, went down to earth as man so that He may experience life first hand. He died on the Cross to experience first hand how it is to suffer.

Simply receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have that self-motivation you’ve been dying to have. That same motivation that will get you going day to day.


Remember, don’t say, “WHY ME?” Say…


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