Today’s WorkOut Wednesday topic is all about the Kettle-bell Swing or KBS. A pretty simple yet intense movement. A movement, when done correctly, can open many doors.

The Kettlebell Swing or KBS is a movement almost every Globogym, Fitness Hubs, and CrossFit boxes know and love. It’s a movement that, when executed perfectly, can open doors to many other movements.



This is what the movement looks like. If you do not have a kettle-bell, a dumbbell or even a medicine ball will suffice. Seems simple but it works a lot more than you think. People make the mistake in thinking that the KBS is an arm exercise because of the arms being used to hold the kettle-bell. But that is what the arms are for; just to hold the kettle-bell and not to carry it above the ground.

Here is a video explaining how to do the KBS.



As you can see with the diagram below, the arms are secondary to what muscles need to be activated during this movement. Because most, if not all, of the power will be coming from the hips.


Looking at the first image with the labels A, B, and C. You start in a partial squat position with the hips at the back. Once you pull the weight up, you will use your hips to push the weight above and forward you. Thus the second image showing which primary muscles are engaged.

Mastering the KBS can open a lot of doors and a couple I could think of is when you do cleans or snatches off the ground.


Looking at the image above especially at the third slide at the top row shows you the movement that you have to master from the KBS first before attempting to do this.

Olympic weightlifting is not about the amount of weight you can carry right away but knowing the proper technique necessary to life it safely and efficiently.


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