It’s obvious, I think, when I say I love CrossFit. The workouts seem gruesome, seeing girls lifting heavy weights (well, HEAVY is an understatement.) left and right. People continuously posting pictures, videos, pictures, and more videos of their attempts, failures, PRs (Personal Records), unlocked achievements, etc. Guys lifting very heavy weights but not looking half as much as those body builders. So what gives?


I won’t waste my blog explaining or telling you the history of CrossFit. A simple Google search will give you countless resources explaining how CrossFit came to be. But if you still want to know the history, click here. (but please come back after.)


A lot of other gyms offer CrossFit-like programs but since they are not licensed to use the word CrossFit, they use the term, “Circuit-Training” which, to me, is the building blocks of CrossFit. But Circuit-Training is only a fraction of what CrossFit is. CrossFit includes Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics. Basically, touching almost every form of functional movement to get your body physically prepared for anything.

But that is not the primary reason why I do CrossFit. The exercise is awesome. I’ve broken more PRs within the first month of doing CrossFit than my 2 years of body building and yet I still end up fat. CrossFit, for me, offers so much more than what one-on-one sessions, self-help sites, and YouTube videos have. It’s the community.


If you haven’t stepped in a CrossFit box before and only have watched videos posted by your friends that you do, you may only see athletes busting their heart out in finishing a WOD (Workout Of the Day).  In the image above, the person with the barbell was in LAST PLACE but, as you can see, all those who finished, though extremely tired, stayed and cheered her on. Pushing her to finish the WOD. Now, I am not saying that resting is bad. What I am saying is that what CrossFit offers, which is very precious to some of us, is COMMUNITY.



I’m sure there are a lot of people who can manage working out on their own or would even prefer doing it their way, but for a bigger percentage, they need the push, they need the motivation, and that’s what CrossFit has instilled on every box owner and CrossFit athlete.



I’ve been doing this for 2 years now, a lot of friends have come and gone but the motivation is still there. New friends out do me but still manage to push me and help me to make me into a better me.

Feeling demotivated lately? Join me. My community will not disappoint.


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