A lot of things will be happening this July. I am praying for this to be successful. I am also asking that you join me on this.

This July, Bikram Yoga Alabang will be have it’s semi-annual 4×4 and 30-day challenge. The last time they had it was last February.

Last year, I was privileged enough to join (for the first time, mind you) and complete my 4×4 challenge. Last February, I had some leg issues and couldn’t make it to the last day of the first week but this July, I plan on completing it. Who knows? I might eventually join the 30-day challenge.

Here is what the poster is for this July’s challenge.



For more questions about BYA and their 4×4/30-day challenges or at least about anything BYA, hit on the link (and come back after, ok?)

In line with this July challenge, I stumbled upon a bargain of a deal  with Deal Grocer. So for the month of July (for 30 days, at least), I’ll be having 4 Paleo meals and 1 Paleo snack per day courtesy of Vetri Pasta Deli (though the meals they will give me are all Paleo) delivered fresh daily.I’ve experienced doing Paleo with no exercise and was able to lose 30 pounds. So having this for meals and Yoga, how much could I lose?

In July, also, I’ve decided to do 6 days of CrossFit a week. I am currently trying to do 5 WODs per week so 6 should not be too difficult to do.

So for the whole month of July, my regimen and nutrition should be in check. My W.O.W. and F.I.T. posts for the whole month of July should be nothing but that.

Pray for me, guys.


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