We Filipinos, as a culture, are very people dependent. When we are depressed, we depend on other people to lift us up. That’s Social Media is used widely here. That is why SMS (Short Messaging Service) or “texting” boomed in the Philippines.

We need other people to pull us up. It’s a fact. But what do we do when there is no one to pull us up? Do we just let it be and allow us to be depressed forever?


That should not be. If it is not physically possible to get motivation from friends, that’s what the community is there for. Look for groups or forums in the internet. Facebook has tons of  groups that can get you motivated. But those things can only do so much. You will still have to decide to do something about it and break from your depression.


Wake up and decide to fight it. It will be difficult I promise you, but it will be worth it.


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