WOW I’ve already talked about why I love CrossFit. See here (but do come back, ok?) Now, let me talk about why I love Yoga!

I’ve already posted on the history of Yoga, click here if you want to read it. (please come back after reading, ok?)

Same as CrossFit, sweating for 90 minutes in a heated room with 20-60 other sweaty individuals is not an inviting sight, right? But it’s not the exercise that gets me coming back.; It’s the people… the community at Bikram Yoga Alabang, at least.

Post-session selfie.

It’s that feeling realizing that you are not alone. Sure when doing asanas it’s just you and the mirror, but your fellow Yogis and Yoginis (where the ratio of Yogini to Yogi is 25:2, I swear!) share their energy with you. Kinda hard to explain but take my word for it. When you have a community as solid as what I have in BYA, anything and everything is possible. A year ago, I only joined this group for the sessions. A year in, and I noticed that I’ve been having lunches and dinners with these people. The same people who would poke you in Facebook, tweet you in Twitter, gram you in Instagram just to ask why you didn’t practice one day. The motivation you get is amazing.

The participants and teachers at the July 2013 BYA 4x4/30-day challenge.

When challenges are posted or announced, you’d think that only the hardcore sign up for it. It does not apply for this crowd. With this group, EVERYBODY signs up. Maybe it’s because they are all hardcore? Yup, I think it is. Here are some of the entries posted in Instagram under the hashtag #bikramyogaalabang.

#BikramYogaAlabang#BikramYogaAlabang #BikramYogaAlabang#BikramYogaAlabang

This community would not bat an eyelash to help out. I’ve experienced first hand how they do that. Last November, BYA celebrated its 3rd year anniversary and instead of holding a dinner to commemorate it, they decide to hold a free session but to get in, you will have to donate a shoebox filled with school supplies. These school supplies are then donated to children who can’t afford getting their own equipment.


I can go on and on and on in talking about my wonderful community at BYA, but I would rather you go and see for yourself. Hit on the link to inquire about BYA. Tell them I sent you.


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