So the last day of the first half of 2014 is upon us. Here I am in the same spot as last year. A lot of things have happened and I have learned and discovered so much in this one year of this blog.

I have to admit, I’ve not been very faithful to my diet. The regimen and exercise are at par but I have cheat meals more than I could have. I did it on purpose because July is just a day away. I know it’s a bad reason but I’ll be totally shifting my eating lifestyle to doing strict Paleo so I felt that a last “hurrah” would be in order and after July, everything I will learn from it will be carried over to the next months until I hit below 300 pounds.

So today, I will be weighing myself (expecting it to be really high hitting 400 even) and getting a complete blood test before July 1 starts. Then will weigh myself mid-July and again on August along with the blood work and see once and for all the benefits of doing Paleo with Yoga and CrossFit.

I also want to, once and for all, show everyone that it is indeed doable and that everyone can do it. Even those who fail often because like most of you, I failed too. Way too much even, but that should not let discourage me or stop me from “finding my groove” and lost the weight safely and permanently.


Please pray for and with me.


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