After 10 days of doing strict Paleo, (well, it’s strict in my mind so it’s ok, I guess.) I’ve already noticed some changes. It’s something that makes me want to push and see bigger results.

So here’s my meals for week 27. Not a good way to start the second half of 2014, eh?



Most of the meals are through Vetri Pasta Deli in Parañaque but I add 1 more meal to my daily consumption.

In my defense, I know the sausages I ate is all-meat but since a website said it’s not Paleo, I shrugged it off but stopped eating them altogether.

With the roast pork (liempo), I labeled it “lean” because I cut off the fat and skin so it’s just lean meat.

On Tuesday, you will see what I look like. Can’t wait.


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