August is done and gone and I would like to start September with something, I think, that is much easier to tackle and accomplish. Let me dub thee the Sugar and Burpee Challenge.


Here are the very simple and doable mechanics:
1. 30 days of zero sugar (basically anything sweet), natural sweetness is not counted like fruits. Artificial or replacement sweeteners are not allowed.
2. 30 days of 30 burpees per day. Time it and see if you can beat it each time. If not, just complete the 30 burpees and get the average in the end of 30 days.

Not a lot of CrossFitters will look at this as a challenge but for a 300+ pound man like me, this would be a good way to get used to and love burpees.

If you want to know what a burpee is, here it is.

Remember the 5 steps to a burpee:
1. Squat position
2. Squat thrust
3. Push up
4. Frog jump
5. Jump Squat

Tell me how you fair or tell me if you want to join in on the fun.


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