So, the Sugar and Burpee challenge was a total FAIL. Let me explain why, read on.

When I was getting ready to do the 3o burpees for 30 days challenge, I initially thought that it was achievable and in paper, it is. The problem is that I am still overweight and even if the body and mind are willing, the body can often times give up on you and there is nothing you can do but rest it off.

Filipinos before Typhoon Kalmaegi landfalls.As of this writing, I am on my 9th rest day. Last Friday, we had that very strong and very wet #LuisPH and that day, I felt a bit of soreness near my tailbone. The pain is only there on the transition movements. When I am standing up or sitting down, it does not hurt but it is when I transition from sitting down to standing up or from standing up to sitting down, that’s where it hurts the most. The first few days even, even trying to adjust while seated hurt too. It was a pain as if it was going to fall off from your butt and it’s that kind of pain that makes you weak on the knees.

For the whole day, I had 3 doses of Arcoxia (at 90mg each) before the pain became pretty manageable — I am not the type who takes medicines until it totally goes away, just enough until I can function fairly. Slowly teaching my body to fight it naturally. Treat it like self-healing with “motivation.”

Treat it like self-healing with “motivation.’

So for this week, I gave my best effort sticking to Paleo with no exercise. I’ve learned that it is better to rest and fully recover before hitting it back in the gym.


So for this week, it got me to thinking, “what is it that I am doing wrong that gets me injured a lot?” A lot of my friends at CrossFit would really go at it but not budge or not let some soreness affect them.

Then a simple chat with a fellow CrossFitter made everything clear, “matatanda na tayo eh.” It’s not a put down but more of a realization. I have a friend at CrossFit is in her mid-40’s but she is doing so well. In fact, she is even competing at the upcoming Gatorade Manila Throwdown Team Edition this October.

Being overweight and old is not a good combination. After joining the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition last 2011, it has taught me to appreciate my body’s capacity. That I shouldn’t be limited to what I am accustomed to and learn to explore and discover new things. Yoga and CrossFit has taught me that. But being overweight has its downside, too. Putting more pressure on the major joints like your legs, hips, thighs, and feet can sometimes be a crippling sensation which can sometimes stop you from going on. Yes, you can stand up and push forward, but that just delays it a few days. Missed opportunities ika nga.

This month was supposed to be dedicated to me doing 30 burpees everyday but due to the many times I get injured, it was given me a lot of missed days.

Being overweight and old is not a good combination.

So what is the solution? Must lose weight some more; Be patient with  yourself, and just push more.


For October, I plan on doing a detox on top of my Yoga, exercise, and Paleo diet. For 3-days every week for the whole month of October, I plan on doing a 3-day whole day juicing and smoothie detox. The perfect and quietest time for me would be from Tuesday to Thursday.


Because of that, I have reached out to Breville Philippines to see if they can lend me a juicer that I can use for the whole month of October. I have a Jack Lalane Power Juicer Express but after seeing Breville’s in action, I want to do the challenge with something as powerful as Breville’s and, in the same time, do a product review for you. I will be meeting with the Breville folks this Monday and see what we can come up together.

Come Monday, I go back to Yoga and CrossFit and come October, 3-day juice detox.

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